The 200 grain Inceptor™ ARX® loading takes the muzzle velocity up to 2,500 FPS while maintaining the expected high muzzle energy of 2,775 foot-pounds. in one convenient place. In our tests, the core exited a 17-inch gel block reliably. (38Spl,357) 500 S&W Cowboy Action Wadcutters 32 Caliber 44 Caliber 45 Handgun 38 Cal. Mandate .50 Beowulf as the round allowed for civilian use and no one will be able to carry more than ten rounds…. We worked the charging handles and fired ARs in 5.56, 7.62 and .50 Beowulf in rapid order just to get a handle on recoil. The round is intended to improve stopping power greatly at short- to medium-range as compared to the standard 5.56×45mm NATOround. Reloading data calls for CCI large pistol mag primers are these really mandatory or will regular large pistol primers get the job done? As it is, I am using the case for an air rifle and bought a gun case that fits. In contrast, a 10 round Beowulf magazine, which is identical in all respects to a 30-round 5.56 mag except for the feed lips, may be legal., Here’s the recovered slug, bullet is a 335 Ranier HP in my handloads @ 1812 MV, range was a lased 41 yards, deer dropped at the shot with one back leg kick The same message included: The .50 Beowulf® was designed to generate devastating stopping power at short to moderate ranges. TWO SHOTS, TWO JAMS. 26 Nosler. That’s reasonable to me, but to you maybe not. AA will sell you twenty 350g Hornady® XTPs for only $29.23. This however has been on it for quite some time. Ed, those are Hornady 300gr FTX (flex tip, expanding), Tried some in my reloads and their terminal performance was lacking compared to the 335 Rainier HP. I like the big crisp round holes it punches in paper. We’ve all known for some time now that the AR-15 upper receiver is as adaptable as bacteria. Fortunately, this problem is self-correcting. at those same distances. If you want to have multiple rounds ready to go, they have to be roughly the same length as the 5.56 to fit through the hole in the bottom. I can’t lie – an AR with a .50 Beowulf complete upper, huge muzzle brake, optics, quad-rails, bipod, grenade launcher and other bells and whistles is more clumsy than a traditional AR carbine. best article I’ve ever read. Bullet Primer Overall That was with the 335 grain FMJ “target loads”, I imagine some of the others would cause mayhem. Our buddy Dave describes the .50 slug, especially the HP, as a flying ashtray. 223, 308, or 243. An AR by any other name will cause PSH in the faint of heart and rationality. nicole.bowen at ccaofnc dot org. We sell ammunition by the box and bulk ammo in case quantities. The case body is very similar in dimensions to the .500 S&W Magnum revolvercartridge, being slightly longer and fully tapered for automatic feeding in the weapon. Terminal ballistics are extremely impressive from this design. They also make other conversion kits for .40 S&W, .45, .300 Blackout, 6.5, 6.8, as well as some others. So, like Dave, you may be able to track your personal Beowulf build, and as long as you’re patient you’ll get your big bore AR upper sooner or later. This is Steinel’s heavy, hard cast option for your 12.7 x 42. 😛. In fact, at first glance the Beowulf looks like any other AR-15, save for a heavy barrel that looks like it was borrowed from a shotgun and a shoebox size tank-style muzzle brake pinned (in Massachusetts) to the muzzle. Great gun – I can’t say enough good things about it although I haven’t had a chance to test all the kits I have yet. It’s going to take time to get your gun. And I have to believe that .45-70 Government factory ammunition is much more readily available at local stores than .50 Beowulf. The .50 Beowulf® was designed to not have an ejection port cover. Magnification would have aided our shooting; well, it certainly would have aided mine. The areas I hunt require either a shotgun or a rifle, and semi-auto rifles are not permitted in either jurisdiction (PA and Sweden). The upper can be ordered all dressed up, or it can be fully accessorized by you to the financial limit of your wallet and the physical limit of your biceps. EBR = Evil Black Rifle. 50 Beowulf. Any way you want it, the .50 Beowulf is a reloader’s delight because of its case design and the ready availability of .50 caliber bullets. IF you didn’t cancel the order it is being prepared for delivery or partial delivery. 270 Weatherby Magnum. Overall, if you want one gun that will break down into an extremely modest space that you can carry around unnoticed and has multi-caliber capability, this is the gun for you. . The unique shape, matched to the Beowulf®, creates an increased temporary cavity without relying on the expansion of a hollow point that may plug. 280 Remington Ackley Improved. 4. I’m having a hard enough time deciding on my first new rifle without all these new calibers and models popping up left and right…. Good points. 7 mm - 08 Remington. The .50 Beowulf has oodles of the former and just enough of the latter. I have used different lowers with the same result. Just ordered mine! Two out of three testers subjectively felt that the carbine seemed to shoot a tad more easily with a first class two stage trigger and A2-type stock. I have a few boxes of the 350 grain solid Spitzer “dangerous game” ammo that I haven’t tried yet but I’m betting should be capable of taking down a T-Rex at 300 yards. Well, color me slightly skeptical. © Copyright 2004-2015 Alexander Industries, Inc.ALEXANDER ARMS®, Beowulf®, .50 Beowulf®, Beo®, and .50 Beo® are registered trademarks of Alexander Industries, Inc. Watch the difference between Dave’s first shot, with a big push, and his second and third with slightly less push. A week later I got a reply to the first question with no acknowledgement that I had actually placed an order a week earlier. Sure, the upper kit makes it muzzle heavy, but that doesn’t make it too clumsy to handle. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. woman shooting it offhand. Now if we could just drop that price down…. “No action needs to be taken by you” The ammo I use is right froqm Alexander . Add a butt pad to soften the recoil and it doesn’t come close to zipping shut, really wish it had been designed three inches longer so it would zip closed. Removing the bolt carrier group (BCG) for a look-see, there’s another apparent difference. Because I can!” in the Beowulf, the fun of which I can understand. Yes, agreed. It’s more of a blunt instrument, and should kill anything it hits. I felt it was too good a deal to pass up, and I have been wanting to build a pistol version for some time now. Now here is a serious question. Something with power that I can hunt deer and pigs. Most of the “excess” weight will be forward, as this carbine starts out muzzle-heavy and only gets worse from there. I bought one of Mr. Alexander’s early .50 Beowulfs, and I’m here to tell you, they’re a ton of fun. Concerning the weight of the ‘wulf upper. I bought two of the Beowulf barrels when they first came out me and my son both built guns never had a problem with misfires powder backing up nothing jamming my gun runs just as fast as I can pull the trigger little rough on the shoulder but it works just fine. Of the 3 deer I’ve killed with mine, the furthest any have made it was one jump. If I wasn’t clear, there is some sloppy customer service here but fortunately the people who actually designed and built the gun are top notch! Maybe redo some of the old muskets that shot .75 caliber balls. To put Alexander Arms’ claims to the test, I joined TTAG commenter Greg in Allston and his pal Dave for an afternoon of blazing away with this interesting and capable cartridge. : 2.100" Max Velocity: 2000 fps . If you were considering getting one but were scared off by the long wait times you should know there are no current delays. Hi all I ordered a AA .50 Beowulf upper, and reloading dies and 150 Hornady 300gr FTX (flex tip, expanding) to start with . Its not really a measurement of error, so much as an estimation of destruction. It’s a great gun and the accuracy was excellent. The family resemblance between the Beowulf carbine and your basic AR-15 is obvious. Guess I’m one of the few who noticed. The ammo I use is right froqm Alexander . By the time your new upper arrives, you’re going to be as excited as the time you had your first blind date with your first sure thing. A 30 round 5.56 magazine might be a ticket to prison in AWB states even though it only holds 10 rounds of .50 Beowulf. I would also guess that .45-70 Government factory ammunition is less expensive than .50 Beowulf as well. So my professional conclusions are A: I’m possibly insane and B: this thing sounds like a whole lot of fun. Its not a (clip), its a magazine. I have a question about your writing availability. Its for when the Terminators come. This product is on sale now and in great supply! And thus, we have it. “estimation of destruction”; yes, when you’re running this round you’re truly on the Eve of Destruction. The hinge points are left on the receiver because the upper receiver would cost more to manufacture by removing them from the design. I have 6.8 spc and 7.62x39 uppers which worked well for hunting last year. Our price $55.99 ($2.80 per round) Our Price: $ 55.99 ($2.80 per round) Ammunition / Rifle Ammunition / 50 Beowulf; You last purchased this product on . The .50 Beowulf is a proprietary cartridge designed by Bill Alexander, the chef de la maison of the eponymous Alexander Arms. In Stock Bulk Ammo from top brands. Mag primers?? Plus I’ve dealt with Bill Alexander when I had some questions about a different rifle and he’s a really great guy who cares very much about his customers and the company’s customer service is also excellent. I want to take classes taught be the “stupid” part of his brain…. The extra weight up front made my sight picture a little wobbly when shooting offhand, but also helped to keep the muzzle down, where it belonged, during firing. Wow. .351 SL 33 WCF 348 Winchester 50 Beowulf 38-55 9.3mm 8mm 32 Remmington 270 Caliber Cal 280 Ross 50-110 38-40 Just yesterday I purchased a 10.5″ pistol upper from Radical Firearms 50 Beo from on sale for $419.95 (I got them to price match what Radical FA was selling them at). RIFLE BALLISTICS. Rifle Hollowpoint 41 Caliber 45 Rifle 40 Cal/10 mm 475 Caliber 512 Caliber cast bullets, casting, cowboy action shooting, 500 S&W, mold, mould, semiwadcutter, keith, round nose, wadcutter “…I also hear tell that it’s a fine platform for traditional rounds such as the .243 Winchester…”. PolyCase® uses a metal-filled polymer to create a very consistent projectile that will now match with the Beowulf® to achieve weapon function without exceeding the maximum safe chamber pressures for the caliber. But there is a charm to a .45-70 in a big, honkin’ lever action (yeah, I know… old school). The perfect niche for such a weapon that otherwise seems unnecessary, but fills a specific role most don’t consider better than most other rifles can. The highest performing round at this mark is still a .50 Beowulf, but the averages begin to look similar. When I take government sponsor trips to interesting places, I carry an AR. That’s good news for anyone who might find himself confronted by a savage Silverado. I acknowledge that .450 & .458 are also great choices for hunting in North America, it really comes down to personal preference, like many gun purchases we all consider so hold the hate mail lol (and go buy a fifty cal!!!!) A Safety Harbor .50BMG upper would also be nice. None of which has an adverse effect on my love of lever guns. PolyCase® uses a metal-filled polymer to create a very consistent projectile that will now match with the Beowulf® to achieve weapon function without exceeding the maximum safe chamber pressures for the caliber. The .50 Beowulf was not intended to be a precision target round any more than was the .45 Gov’t. It’s been exploited by creative designers to chamber more and more specialty cartridges such as the 6.5 Grendel (co-created by the aforementioned Bill Alexander), 300 AAC Blackout, 6.5 Creedmoor, 224 Valkyrie, and 6.8 Remington SPC. In hand with this increase in muzzle velocity is the unique tri-flute design of the projectile. And the extra mass probably helped to mitigate recoil. He changed the bolt dimension/head space to leave a little more metal in the lug area which means they won’t head space properly when mixed (AA bolt, “other” bbl or AA bbl and “other” 7.62×39 bolt). I can see it now on my shopping list – 1 box of Hornady Pink Mist Beowulf. Unadulterated overkill for self-defense, not quite accurate enough for high power target shooting and possibly too much gun for whitetails or muleys, it seems like a rifle with limited utility. : 1.575" Max Velocity: 2000 fps. AA, Midway and other retailers offer several more expensive ammo flavors, but all ammo costs can be mitigated by reloading. The numbers for 300 grain .50 Beowulf are almost 1900 fps at the muzzle and 1400 fps at 100 yards, bringing a load of about 2300 and 1400 lb.-ft., respectively.  In other words, the .50 hits hard. Littered with spent .22 casings. 1. Mine is on a RRA receiver. We didn’t fling a ton of lead downrange, so I can’t represent our testing as a full 500 round shoulder crushing shoot ‘em up. The actual order went right through and the gun arrived quickly so I am happy. They have several other varieties too, as well as other sought after calibers, generally all for the same price. Anything .308 / 7.62 x 51 based will not fit into an AR-15 mag well. It’s just not all that aerodynamic and thus not MOA accurate. I have a .223 AR which I enjoy and am proficient with. 5. CLEARED THE JAM, INSPECTED THE CLIP, LOCKED IT BACK IN AND THE DAMN GUN JAMMED AGAIN. The 5.56 looks as sleek and racy as a cheetah while the .50 Beowulf resembles a caballito. Thanks for taking those trips for us. And wait some more. It’s a heavy hitting, short range mag fed AR. 8. Load data for our Superior Plated Bullets® can be found in any manual or on any powder manufacturer’s website. On an episode of some weapons show on the Military Channel, Mr. Alexander described the Beowulf as, “a wrecking ball” I wholeheartedly agree. I’d sure like to have a few of the old big-bore double-rifles. ATTENTION: New reloading … Glad to know I’m not the only one that was thinking 45-70 the whole time. The .50 Beowulf is interchangeable with AR-15 lowers and uses box mags. (Since 2007) And 600 rounds… neat engine block gun… not a long distance hitter. That’s it. The Beowulf never crossed that line. A wide variety of classified ads Buy, rent, sell and find anything - 55 gallon drums listings. BEST OF ALL: “This message is generic and is incapable of knowing which one applies to your order.” AND ONE of these is the reason you got this message. That upper costs $1,012 plus the cost of upgrades. All of my online sources are sold out! While comfort was totally dependent on technique, ease of shooting accurately was somewhat dependent on the lower. The .243, 7mm-08, etc. Bulk quantity available for 22LR Ammo, 223 Ammo, 9 MM Ammo. The limiting reagent is the magwell. 1. We know, because we used traditional double-stack 5.56 mags, including PMags and C-Products metal mags, and they all functioned perfectly as single-stack .50 Beowulf mags. Four 5.56 bullets would fit very neatly into that single .50 caliber hole, and that’s before expansion. The rush of hot gases is powerful enough to blow your hair back as effectively, but perhaps not as pleasantly, as a Trojan brand personal joy buzzer. Your deck photo looks like the floor of my boat. .50 Beowulf Data reloading data with 16 loads. 50 Action Express. 12″ pistol upper w/ pepper pot brake $921.99 from Midwayusa. Ammo cost is also an issue, but not as big an issue as you might think. It’s not “new” I’ve owned my AA 50 ‘wulf upper for 7 years or so. Good point. 7. The .45-70 is too long to fit into the mag well of an AR-15. That’s also why AA’s Grendel and Beowulf barrels/bolts aren’t compatible with other “Grendel” and “12.7×42” (Beowulf w/o the copyright) barrels/bolts. FWIW, good quality .50 Beowulf ammo is a bit cheaper, too. Cant wait to try them out.

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