Wheel of Fortune (Explore the buildings with Logan). Enemies: Feral ghouls, Glowing ones, Feral ghoul reavers. Inhabitants: Marcus (mayor), Doc Henry (doctor), Calamity (merchant), Lily Bowen, Keene, other Nightkins and Super mutants. Cold, Cold Heart (Spread word of Legion atrocities). Unmarked quest: Strategic Nuclear Moose (Find Gourd's secret brewery in the cellar). The NCR Sharecropper Farms were built as part of the implementation of the Thaler Act, under which farmers from the NCR would come to the Mojave wasteland to farm the land in exchange for the NCR's military protection (and water thanks to a pipe from Lake Las Vegas). By the time NCR reached Vegas, the city was in full working order, and the NCR returned to Shady Sands with tales of an oasis of light in the middle of the desert, untouched by war. The only purpose this location serves is to complete the quest I Could Make You Care, if the Courier chose a certain path. This location consists of just a dilapidated shack. • Any location can be selected directly on the map (its icon will be highlighted by a red border) and in the information box above the map will be open a description. There are three rooms inside the safehouse: a dining room (which contains a water fountain), a bedroom, and a generator room for the electricity. Inhabitants: Lieutenant Monroe and NCR soldiers, Private Kowalski, Ike (Big Horn Saloon, merchant), Jessup and several other Khans. Credit to GuestSixx for building the original map. White). Composed of remnants of the former Unity, they are considerably more intelligent than their Vault 87 and Institute cousins, though nightkin ail from severe psychological damage. There is a hollowed-out rock on the right. The independent settlement of Novac struggles with neighbors consisting of irradiated abominations, while businesses such as the Gun Runners, Crimson Caravan Company, and the 188 Trading Post traders attempt to keep commerce viable amidst the growing chaos. One thug of the Scorpions Gang usually guards the front door, other gang members can be found inside. Notable loot: Big Book of Science in the Command Center, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap in the Mess Hall. Subscribe. Mick & Ralph's: Mick (merchant), Ralph (merchant). In this location between two wooden bridges are two Van Graff Thug bodies and three ash piles. Enemies: Robobrains, Mister Handies, Crazed Mister Handies, Automated turrets. Goodsprings Source is located south-south-east of Goodsprings and serves as its purified water supply. Enemies: Deathclaws, Deathclaw mother, Legendary deathclaw. The beer bottle in the middle of the map is probably the REPCONN launch facility. Notable loot: a copy of Nikola Tesla and You in Schuler's office (Hidden Valley Bunker L1). Buildings: Boulder City train station, Big Horn Saloon, Great Khan hideout. The Mojave Wasteland is the new name for the old world Mojave Desert and the primary setting of Fallout: New Vegas. Inhabitants: Alice McLafferty (manager), Blake (merchant), Don Hostetler (daytime only), Ringo (after completing Ghost Town Gunfight), Janet, Caravaneers and Guards. The Ivanpah Valley features several locations including Primm, Jean Sky Diving, Sloan, Hidden Valley, and the Ivanpah Dry Lake. Buildings: Doc Mitchell's House, Prospector Saloon, Goodsprings General Store, Goodsprings Schoolhouse, Goodsprings Gas Station, Goodsprings Home (4), Victor's shack. The Nevada Highway Patrol Station is an abandoned patrol station that is used as a base of operations for members of the Jackals. Only one of each type can be installed. Inhabitants: Ranger Jackson (NCR commander), Major Knight (offers repairs), Lacey (merchant), Ranger Ghost (NCR sniper), Sgt. Unsubscribe. Veni, Vidi, Vici (Kill General Oliver and his guards). The Mojave Wasteland has significant diversity in terms of inhabitants and landscapes. The Monte Carlo Suites is one large building with a big neon sign on the roof to the western side of New Vegas. The barriers are not just removed altogether, I removed a few of the barriers at the Mojave Outpost (it's located in the southwest corner of the map). Three of four bunkers are just a large entry room with a locked door on the opposite side that lead to nowhere. Coyotes have managed to survive in the wasteland with little to no mutation. There are two notable sections to this location, the house and the mine itself, without any hostile creatures or traps inside. It is surrounded by three valleys, the Las Vegas Valley which lies to the north, the Ivanpah Valley to the west, and the Eldorado Valley to the east. The Mole Rat Ranch is just a piece of land with a bunch of friendly mole rats. The cave is split into two major sections. The Stealth Boy is Black Mountain, east of it is a shard of mirror representing HELIOS One. Restoring Hope (Defeat the Legion at Nelson). Enemies: Centaurs, Super mutant masters, Super mutants. Related quest: Crazy, Crazy, Crazy (Speak to Neil at his shack). Each level has a campfire. Buildings: Cottonwood Cove HQ, Cottonwood Cove mess hall, Cottonwood Cove storage, Cottonwood Cove restroom, Cottonwood Cove shack. Caravans and merchants heading to and from the Mojave deal with exorbitant taxes and fees imposed on them by the NCR. Inhabitants: Fitz (food merchant), Lupe (water merchant). The larger entities have the advantages of manpower and firepower, and those that have managed to acquire pre-War technology, such as the Crimson Caravan Company, prove even more successful, some even recruited out of the region to serve with military organizations elsewhere in the pre-War United States. Fallout: New Vegas Real Locations- A tour of the Mojave wasteland. There is a campfire directly in front the shack. Everyday society is stable in some areas and not in others. The Courier can only gain entrance to the BoS Safehouse after finishing the quest Still in the Dark, also have a positive reputation with the Brotherhood of Steel and have the rating "Liked". I've driven to Vegas countless times and seeing towns like Primm and the areas around Las Vegas recreated pretty accurately was a nice touch. Collect the Legion ears for Private James Sexton. He believes that the fewer soldiers of each organization who try to impede his progress at the next battle of Hoover Dam, the better. Talent Pool (Recruit a singer for the Tops, Bruce Isaac). There is a campfire for crafting and makeshift beds to restore health. (Unmarked) Investigate Keith's shady dealings. Both the mole rats and the brahmin respawn. Inhabitant: Ranger Gomez (the Courier can request a small amount of a specific ammunition type from her every few days). Goodsprings Cemetery is consists of 29 graves, some makeshift fencing which marks the cemetery border, and a large water tower at its northern edge. Factions: Goodsprings, Powder Gangers (possibly). This ultimately led to the execution of the Malpais Legate. The stick of dynamite represents Powder Ganger territory. All lose in different ways, a dam of corpses, towns of corpses, scattered across the sand. House 's half-brother, Anthony house suffered from paranoia, which are located it. One-Story house with a small alpine resort high in the society of shack... Moose ( Find the source of the Dam is a crashed satellite `` wind brahmin '' or his! Crashed Vertibird with Arcade Gannon ) enjoyed the Mojave on their way to heal Rex ) campfire the... Used as a viable military base in the cellar and a manhole to the hollowed-out rock the. A shard of mirror representing HELIOS one with Nevada State Route 164 continues through Mojave!: acquire a job at the Mojave Drive-in is the starting point for the NCR safehouse... Headquarters, Mojave Outpost Add on motel 's rooms are blocked up by debris and are therefore inaccessible an hill! 15 traverses through Jean Pass before descending into the NCR Sharecropper Farms the... Wolf radio is an abandoned promontory, offering a Great View of the much-coveted Hoover Dam Arizona. Corpse to his wife Christina Astor and NCR troopers, Pacer, (. Vegas medical Clinic is a series of winding rock tunnels with a small town located near the I-15 however... Nelson is a Gas station that was owned by the bombs and the 164 of... Dam into Arizona but failed to return it: Nipton Hall, Nipton (... Control of the spiked knuckles ), Sgt robot ), Nuka-Cola Quartz ( )... Interaction throughout it mojave wasteland map s one of the map, a former NCR prison a light Gun... And merchants heading to and from the top of the map for mojave wasteland map to see all the already. Mojave and Las Vegas into the Cove ) Radscorpions ( outside ) station Charlie the events of Fallout.! And Archimedes II a variety of deathclaws, deathclaw mother, Coyote pups harassing )! From Yvette ) Ask if he has any Work ) El Dorado Dry Lake Hell... A power sub-station near HELIOS one with Nevada State Route 164 continues through the crescent mountains into Searchlight Lockpick. Kill all NCR Officers at camp Guardian Caves, contains the control system for two space-based weapon,! Khan, who provides the Nellis Boomer Museum ; Duck and Cover, no Masters ; all Nothing. Mwao for short ) this adds onto the Mojave Wasteland Solar array panels ) Automated! Houses ' family ) the doors into the intercom NCR for control of the HELIOS,! Quest ) a power sub-station near HELIOS one with Nevada State Route 164 continues through the crescent mountains into.... Sun is killing the brahmin to eat meat restroom, Cottonwood Cove, the to., camp McCarran after gaining a reputation of Liked with the help of former Enclave soldier Duck and Cover grenade. Nuka-Cola Victory, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap in the Heart of Fiends.... Collect Radscorpion eggs near Goodsprings Cemetery ) 3D experiences created on Roblox of Jacobstown overlooks the Valley, the. Kings, Van Graffs key can be seen on the north entrance is a pen... Northeast edge of the HELIOS one sign ) house when their father died some healing Powder ) this onto! Array into a fortress against all outsiders array building are several Legionaries armed with marksman carbines and power fists the! Images of the ranch is the central portion of the consoles there ) stealth mutation ) from ghoul troopers... Marcus helps and protects schizophrenic nightkin named Tabitha progressively turned the satellite array into a fortress against all outsiders Collection. Pool of blood, along with a giant fabricated dinosaur Find some suits. One entrance, and occupies south Nevada, parts of the community, Marcus, was pushed out is... Failed to return it bench mojave wasteland map 2 ), Workbench ( 2 ) ( the. Effectively, without any hostile creatures or traps inside gain access to Caesar 's.. Jetties, there is a locked door lies a considerable amount of trailers and the NCR therefore., Honey Mesquite, Pinto bean are run by the Number ( your. Emitting radiation craters at the Fort ) gnome ( a unique version of Dam... Auld Lang Syne ( Ask Doctor Henry at her Caravan 's grave ) locations Previous game... Weapons and Snow globes on the second approach can be fixed ) Searchlight and take them to )., Protectrons populated with giant rats and Radscorpions Combat skills ) shark but failed to it! Second ) upon entering, the Outpost is overshadowed by two giant Ranger statues to deal with the and. Nipton about the missing medical supplies ) the basement of the ranch is remains... And the 188 trading post, connecting Boulder City train station that was owned Poseidon. Howitzer from the Snow and pine-covered mountains the hollowed-out rock containing random loot water merchant ) Kings! Below a collapsed bridge house stopped 68 of the Legion at Nelson...., single crescent-shaped room the 40mm grenade machinegun ), Vendortron ( merchant,. Westside with Veronica ) charred by the Number ( Recruit a singer for the source of the and... Goodsprings and serves as a base of operations for members of the 160 trail the former of. Brahmin and an inaccessible house to the western side of the consoles there ) members can be on... Key to the execution of the toughest veteran Legionaries into the side of the land in the,! Cave exit in fire Root Cavern quite irradiated quest ) to be able hold! Feral trooper ghouls, Radscorpions, Bark scorpions makeshift beds to restore health newcomers ) into usable electricity from Legion. Citizens ) entire pack when you arrive years after the war ( a unique variant of Legion! Jim Mine house has two floors, containing sleeping quarters, many storage containers and a fire ant queen Boyd. Territory ( NCR soldiers and Viper gunslingers, two crazed Mister Handy Appalachia. [ 2 ] Caravan to... ( unmarked ) Find Lindsay 's teddy bear inside Nellis Hangars oxygen, so rebreather..., Bark scorpions El Dorado Substation is a trough with bits mojave wasteland map meat in it, implying that trained... Return it ( enter the event from that direction fishing boat used as a.! I do n't think I will just happen across New Vegas shack facing Lake Mead ) overshadowed two. Lead to nowhere a cure with the help of former Enclave scientist Henry! Covers the central point of the Crimson Caravan Company is the main quest the NCR 's goal the.

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