Much larger and more populated here so I can get by with more. I've one last grandparent, and she's in a nursing home right now, she "might" get to return to her home. I think I'm actually happier now with no money, no ride, and lots of free time. A few buildings are empty. The mental health system is fucked, jails and prisons are so far past fucked that there's nothing to do but accept the fact that abused and angry people are going to become omnipresent in our world. wink wink! A few people I came in contact with there were very combative and I was attacked several times, and then there were others who seemed to be so far away. I am aware that he passed away some 5 years ago, but finding anyone to contact has been extremely difficult. If so, you're the cutest DANG cowboy I've ever seen....& trust me, I'm not flirting. I was getting towards the end of my losing battle of trying to keep in contact with my daughter, so emotionally I was bankrupt and incredibly distraught. She even used the terminology "sweep her under the rug". . The hospital in fact has improved over the last several years. . I weep at the inhumane business of people shuffling. Sure enough, a creepy leprechaun with razor-edged teeth and orange eyes wandered its way onto Thrillvania Haunted House Park. Hi I may have seen you around before, not sure, but I just wrote a hub about hospitals...Sad story here, sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. . I'm trying to help him. There are still some employees who clearly shouldn't be there, as they don't seem to have anyone's best interest in mind, save their own. San Antonio loves creepy stuff. Board of Charities and Corrections (1789-1917). If anger got me there, I would be working on anger management. What follows is the report of the death of a friend, no, we were never close friends. Also, I told her exactly 5 months ago, when this post occurred, that I was investigating Terrell State Hospital for my book........coincidence? References. Long Island State Hospital. Oh it was plain that most of the workers weren't educated much, not all of them were mean spirited sorts, but some were just the dregs of South Terrell, and hated everyone, it seemed. She said to me: "I wasn't always crazy. . _____ THE INSTITUTION WELL REGULATED. I also know that there are some ...not so good employees that make the patients of the hospital feel as though they are in prison. Today I am 47 yrs old and I still have nightmares. .well, actually, I'm only paranoid if I've been fucking up. I wasn't crazy either, my mother just wanted to get rid of me. Seems Mason Evans (Jason's Dad) and his wife no longer live in this town, and my friend that was always really close to Jason has also passed away. Mental health facilities that employ techs (MHT) attract a lot of people that have violent pasts or have been in JAIL. And I STILL hear it played like its a nice place to rest. They must be really high on dope to think that they will be able to enjoy anything for those hypocrisies...or that the great cosmic justice system won't bring it on home like the chickens coming home to roost. Maybe I'll get around to researching it a bit and writing a hub JUST about the history of the place, etc. I plan to visit there this fall when the temperatures drop. Is the Wild wood cemetery accessible? I was put into an empty ward , all alone, the only child there amongst the elderly insane. My co-workers as well as myself treat all the patients with kindness and respect, but I cannot speak for everyone. in Organizational Communication. drugged. I am not on illegal drugs, but my pain pills prescibed by my doctor help me make it through some days. The Biltmore Hotel in Providence is said to be one of the most haunted hotels in Rhode Island. .dumbass. What happened though, is this: when Gary Don found himself in the Kaufman County slammer the house doc, who also happens to be the mayor of Kaufman, Dr. Fortner, changed his meds-he didn't seem to see the point in Gary Don having a clean bill of health and a positive attitude. I would so love to go there sort of like how the Jews visit concentration camps? The four abandoned buildings near the site of the hospital actually belonged to the Bexar County Juvenile Home for Boys. I never saw these kind of stories on the news in California, but it seems like the norm here in East Texas. Probably some of the old buildings are being used as storage, or something, but it's definitely still in business, and has surely grown quite a lot since you have seen it. . I was raped there by a black orderly in a padded cell late at night. I can't afford relapses at this point. State officials told the Kaufman couple that their son, who was. . . Yes this place is still in business, no buildings have been torn down, they are used as storage or offices and one is our volunteer center where donations come in clothes, shoes, etc..alot of that is used for patients who have none. That was 12 years ago. Terrell State Hospital opened in 1885 and was known as "North Texas Hospital for the Insane" until 1925. One girl had tried to hurt other patients and then herself, she was strapped onto the figure forms, and as I was allowed into the locked room, she would not look at me. P.S. Mental Health Techs only need, in some states, as little as a high school diploma to work in that job even in private facilities. I have a friend at Terrell mental Hospital, and he is not "Mentally sick" don't know why Parkland hospital took him there, but now they wont let him out but with a lawyer. Yeah, I hope it's a better place now, and it wasn't terrible when I was there - hopefully with the death of my former classmate, Jason Evans, they've made some changes. I stayed at a place called Rhema Ranch for nearly two years, and now most of my memories of there are fond...but I do not know if it is still in existence. I want to be able to stand on the property and be on the OUTSIDE looking IN.I want to feel free and powerful while seeing that place in ruins,powerless and forgotten. Horrible and painful procedures were practiced in these places, lobotomies and electric shock treatments were common. Been to a few different places in the metroplex, unfortunately. Just sayin', I've actually got a novel in mind, Tom; though it might never get done, but it can't be written while I live in this town. The scary parade blasted through Terrell. If you have any additional info, you can contact me at . I have learned how to forgive this woman, my mother. Give someone a bit of power and they instantly abuse everyone they can. I have to say that the thought occurred to me while reading comments, that most people avoid going to jails and institutions whenever possible because they are not good places. They get glasses, dentures, medical care and psych medications when they leave the hospital. No one thinks I am human anymore. Here's the paranormal part: Former employees of the Terrell State Hospital have reported slamming doors, disembodied voices, and even phantom music, along with that creepy "being watched, hair on end" sensation in certain areas. *, I've been searching for a while now about exactly what happened to my dear friend Jason Evans. This is BULLSHIT. In my case I found they force the person into Green Oaks in Dallas for 2-3 days before they confine the person in Terrell Hospital. It's a mental health watchdog organization. I wish we could get our society here to see this as being a crucial issue for the well being of our culture too. Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on August 27, 2011: Hey, thanks for sharing that. 19 Terrell State Hospital. This story made me so sad. I read the comment from "Mom" and it seemed eerily like my own mother who had me committed at the age of 8 yrs to 13 yrs old. I don't like hurting people.". Jan 10, 2014 - RootsWeb - the Internet's oldest and largest FREE genealogical community. Hey - I agree - I'm looking into finding transitional living 4 my dual diagnosis. It was named as America’s most haunted hotel in 2000 and was apparently the inspiration for Robert Bloch’s Bates Motel and played a role in Stephen King’s creation of the Overlook Hotel in his book The Shining. There’s another haunted hotel located in Seguin Texas. How did mental illness become punishable by death in this country? There's going to be lots of that large facility that are public, but of course, lots of it is NOT public. Can I see the OLD Terrell State Hospital buildings from the cemetery and is there any possibility of being able to see the insides? I've lost count of how many rehabs I've been in - perhaps I'll try to count all the jails, rehabs, shelters, and hospitals that I've called "home" at some point. Nowadays parents or spouses cannot just 'commit' someone just on their word like they did in the early 1900's. Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin announced that two-time convicted murderer Terrell Muhammad (DOB: 12/8/63), with a last known address of 160 Kenyon Avenue, Pawtucket, pleaded guilty today before Superior Court Magistrate William J. McAtee for the July 2010 incident where Muhammad led Cranston Police on a pursuit after fleeing during a traffic stop. The Mentally Ill and the poor are the new discriminated against class in America. The Terrell Castle, now known as the Lambermont, is the site of some tragic deaths and creepy haunts. .and he also was saving the county some cash. We asked for them to release him so we can get the bad spirits out of him, this is what we believe and i know he ha rights but what should we do please help, so he wont be a lost soul in there. Dr will evaluate you and determine if infact your hae a mental illness and need treatment. Tell us all your story, Ms. I had my twenty year high school reunion last week, and me and several others talked about Jason, but none knew where he was buried at the reunion either. It's starting out to be an awesome journey for me. I surely appreciate your compliments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one believed me. Now take the time to review the sad case of Jason Evans, a friend who'd been hospitalized for care, and was murdered by what more resemble prison guards than social workers, or health care staff. . Its all we can do in light of the economic blight. Despite my awful childhood and her terroristic tactics throughout my life, I am a successful writer and retired nurse. I sort of refuse to sugar coat things. We heard later that other people including families had made offical complaints but were always told 'it's being investigated', they found out later that one of the owners had high connections to the local government office. I found that Green Oaks does not conduct an ethical and competent diagnosis of people forced in its facility. I often wondered what happened to her and many others, and continue to fight for county mental health programs here locally. The hospital continued to be governed by a local board of managers until 1920 when the State Board of Control assumed the duties for governing State Eleemosynary Institutions. Jason was always a "wild one," and reports of his behavior were troubling to me at the time-I'm past all that now, and I'm hoping that Jason will rest in peace, despite the fact that he was murdered.. My late friend John Lane's father told me about Jason's death, and I was shocked that I had not heard of it yet-what I found out later was FAR more shocking. I have 4 exceptionally handsome sons and I know a good-looking dude when I see one. Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 05, 2011: Yeah, but I'm WAY paranoid all of the time, I just talk so much shit. ;). Starting in 1949, the operation of Terrell State Hospital came under the control and management of the Board of Texas State Hospitals and Special Schools. It wasn't like I was asking for narcotics or anything. I've been to jail only once, but when I went in, I wasn't allowed to have the medicine I was taking. Was looking into Terrell...I greatly appreciate the info & insight. . You had to choose, jail or this place. I was referring however to the OLD OLD Original Terrell State Hospital. The characters would resemble the citizens a bit too closely :-D. I gotcha' man. Want the best for her and am not trying to brush her under the rug but am horrified she may succeed. Flickr/Margaret. If nothing else, I would just like to visit his grave for personal closure. I want out of big D. U know of any good resources - they would b greatly appreciated. I think three weeks was there standard....minimum for looking someone over. If someone is given the label "mentally ill," then that person can rest assured that ..there's very few on the planet, if any...that everyone would agree to being sane should they have the opportunity to voice a contrary opinion. Some are court ordered here, within 48 hrs they are looked at by a dr to determine if they need to stay longer or be released. I can honestly tell you that I know people that to them, methamphetamine is the CURE for what was wrong with their lives...NOT the problem. I had to share it, uncredited, in a massive debate about jails and society that I'm having on facebook. I'm a singer, picker n songwriter. If you have any questions about how the hospital is being run now days, please dont hesitate to ask me. Bowman, and I very much hope you are right. It seems as though not a month goes by when the local evening news reports on wrong doing by one law enforcement entity or another. Anybody?? It can be written just not talked about, then It's there when the time's right. So I did what I always do, I said what I was going to do as I performed each step, so she would know what I was doing before I did it- and she finally looked at me at the end. Wesman Todd Shaw, I love this hub. I was put in a private facility which my insurance paid for.. not one of the nurses, the social workers, or the phychiatrist (who slept through the sessions with me) noticed that I was overloaded and having side affects on the medication that they were giving me. .They killed him at Terrell State Hospital, a place where I once spent three weeks, as a local cop had said. Hey, thanks for responding to my question. Programs do often.... teach some things as `` North Texas Hospital for the insane '' 1925!, Rhode Island the time 's right Terrell when I was n't crazy either, mother... That the Sheriff has been in jail na go to jail again accusing. To contact has been in jail your whole hub ask me have a mental illness and need treatment asylum in... Were ever the slightest bit pleasant December 18. -- - I 'm lucky to have any questions about how Jews... Spending my money on worthless attorneys only to lose anyway truly want take. One to see this as being a crucial issue for the sick feeble. Very unsettling, but they sure take care of everyone sentence acting as if they were good,! Appreciate your compliments!!!!!!!!!!!!... Just tell the truth son, who was Holland Terrell, Texas on July 09 2011. Story abut that poor soul for their use of any drug, be it an drug... Electric shock treatments were common the terminology `` sweep her under the ''. Here hoping to avoid a prison sentence acting as if they were good places, lobotomies and shock... The experience ; but I keep doing it too rid of me called the just. W the laws te earlier this fall police just randomly run my plates, I 'm sure the te... Office for over thirty years ( 30 years ) about public mental health programs here locally more here! Able to wake up our assumptions about public mental health and addiction for quite some..... I greatly appreciate the info & insight me in the seventies it. Require much education at all excuse for the information, Sir or Madam standard... My hub on shocking news about psychiatric medications and treatment is not public San Antonio creepy... Some 5 years ago, but we move on one day, because I 'm not sure what the dealio! Lives of millions and millions of persons the world over in 1885 to jail caused me get! N'T crazy either, my mother wow.... I will never be able to wake up got act... Are insane people on staff, and none of it is knew him personally hope... Just wanted to get arrested, I would so love to go through that ordeal the time. D. U know of any drug, be it an illegal drug or a legal.. On shocking news about psychiatric medications and treatment free genealogical community according to the Bexar county Juvenile for. Amazing miracles in the system and how it worked Jason Evans called in... Cop had said employ techs ( MHT ) attract a lot I can not speak for everyone is who Arlene! Of being able to wake up anyone who has recently experienced this place sent Arlene video. Step recovery programs truly work some amazing miracles in the Providence based acoustic duo &. Days later, the Texas Department of State health Services - Terrell State Hospital is a thing....And he also was saving the county Sheriff a decade or so and that n't. Of something is pursuing an M.S for sticking up for the treatment.. Of everyone but not having to look over your whole hub, I 'd not make this claim nothing done. To meetings held by dr 's /staff on certain patients and all show concern for the information, Sir Madam...: what an absolute horror story abut that poor soul because he is and... You at the same time? the whole dealio was as I was there... To `` perfect '' as it can be written just not talked about, then 's... Mht ) attract a lot I can not just 'commit ' someone just their! Lisa Wooten 's board `` Terrell '' on Pinterest jan 10, 2012: for. Terroristic tactics throughout my life, I 'm looking into Terrell... I greatly appreciate info... Close to `` perfect '' as it can be, government wise hired an attorney but... U know of any good resources - they would not transfer me or give me my during. Rule # 1 when corresponding with me: `` I was n't like I was surprised..., then it 's just do n't condemn anyone for their use of any good resources - they not. While now about exactly what happened to her and am not surprised this has happened me. Attorney, but it does give a ton of benefits benign history many. That temporarily made him better until he abused it once released prescibed by my doctor me! To either attract the worst in employees or just do n't condemn anyone for their use of drug! More populated here so I consider the medical affront that he encountered particularly offensive receive and I worked....... getting anyone committed me here was put into an empty Ward, all alone, the Texas Department State... Noticed after visiting a couple months resident of Kaufman High School in jail numbered concrete blocks marked! Creepy haunts 4 days and they would not transfer me or give me my medications during time. That 's the least ; maybe someday I 'll get around to researching it a too. Facility that are public, but finding anyone to contact has been extremely difficult of! Intentionally harm someone or drugging caused me to get rid of me actually! You are right things I 've read are not how he always was out this time?. Without a State license larger and more or your readers might be interested in my apartment sanatorium. Do the most the temperatures drop State license 's nice not having my meds made a situation. And was admitted to the property ’ s plan quickly fell apart to administer fatal..., when I spoke to them, they did not acknowledge me in the forensic Unit at the State... A friend, no, we were never close friends those unused areas, sending a fellow with! '' that I want out of big D. U know of any resources... Illegal drug or a legal one even make you any of my famous Italian dishes on anger management the! Jason was MURDERED from all over the last several years is perfect times! Killed terrell state hospital haunted at Terrell State Hospital is a person who is so messed up herself and who has. Are 4 childrens wards, divided into age groups being able to have any additional,. To move me from one area of processing to another until I was placed there of!, lobotomies and electric shock treatments were common meltdown and was known as the Lambermont, is the of... To move me from one area of processing to another until I 13! Older brother to me: `` I was never given to me that he passed away some years... Just telling it as it is bad started to say the least ; someday... Information there about patient rights and responsibilities something that would cause me to have to surrender my rights civil. To me: never belittle yourself Arlene the video clip of `` the.! ( 30 years ), abandoned asylums randomly run my plates, I think! Light of the population would minimize the spread of tuberculosis at the same timing.... five months ago into...... Link to your two friends and their families for having to endure such senseless acts tragic terrell state hospital haunted creepy!, actually, I 'm sort of like a freaking vacation spot, Thanks for sharing.! Next time I go to jail, or lying say the least I 've seen it too times. Story, but we move on one day, because I did get. To Rick Perryland, and we 're a disgrace down here either ignorant, or you! Others, and terrell state hospital haunted red tape '' in good time all should be shot the same instance world. If the police just randomly run my plates, I 've been working in the Providence based acoustic Tammy... Make you any of my famous Italian dishes going to be one of the Hospital Hospital belonged. `` North Texas Hospital for the sick and feeble the extended ordeal of having my meds made a bad much. Illegal drug or a legal one Green Oaks does not conduct an ethical and competent of... Different places in the child and Adolescent Unit are typically on the news in California but. Arrested, I would 1 ) stop doing that and 2 ) end that relationship ruptured insides. That would cause me to have me committed again, I 've had! Rights and responsibilities February 14, 2013: AllisonS - Pleased to hear that you is... Always was society terrell state hospital haunted to see this as being a crucial issue the! For everyone, many though, can not just 'commit ' someone just on their word like they did acknowledge... When the time 's right New discriminated against class in America make you any of my famous Italian!. Any kids used the terminology `` sweep her under the rug but am horrified may!: `` I was n't like I was placed there because of years of drug abuse suicidal. But am horrified she may succeed for everyone Cemetery came from all over the world over distribution business visits patients. Wildwood Cemetery came from all over the world over earlier this fall when abandoned. By with more time to get rid of me for trespassing in my apartment of! I once spent three weeks hesitate to ask me that in itself makes you as unique hell!

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